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Category: Detox

woman sitting alone in room and staring into space as she contemplates the side effects of opioid abuse

Side Effects of Opioid Abuse

Opioid misuse is a serious problem in Massachusetts and across the country. Despite the well-known dangers of opioid addiction, millions of men and women continue

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family laughing and enjoying a sober Christmas together
Sober Holidays

How to Have a Sober Christmas

A sober Christmas may seem impossible for those who struggle with addiction and worry about their substance abuse increasing due to stress over the holidays.

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young woman consoling female friend and explaining what is rainbow fentanyl

What Is Rainbow Fentanyl?

What is Rainbow Fentanyl? It is a type of illegal opioid that is cut with other chemicals to produce a colored pill or powder that

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a man struggles to keep the symptoms of his percocet addiction hidden from the people closest to him
Addiction Treatment

Signs of Percocet Addiction

Percocet addiction is a serious problem across the country due to its highly addictive properties. While it is safe to take when following the prescription,

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a man addicted to bath salts struggles to conceal his symptoms in public
Stimulant Abuse

Signs of Bath Salt Addiction

Bath salt addiction is a serious problem in the U.S. and can cause significant physical and mental harm when taken over an extended period of

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a man has trouble concealing the symptoms of his quaalude addiction
Addiction Therapy

Signs of Quaalude Addiction

Quaalude addiction is a serious problem across the country as people continue to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with stressful times. They were

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a young man has a very difficult time getting through his ativan withdrawals after habitual benzo abuse
Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of Ativan Withdrawal

Ativan is the brand name for a type of benzodiazepine that affects the brain and central nervous system producing a calming effect. It has a

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a young man struggles to conceal the symptoms of his ativan addiction
Addiction Treatment

Signs of Ativan Addiction

Ativan is a type of sedative that has a high rate of abuse and is commonly taken with alcohol, cannabis, or other narcotics to heighten

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by the time a young man realizes he may be dependent on and addicted to his prescription muscle relaxers it may be too late
Addiction Treatment

Are Muscle Relaxers Addictive?

Are muscle relaxers addictive? While muscle relaxers are relatively safe to take for a short period of time, there is still a chance that some

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a young man has trouble concealing his weed withdrawal symptoms in public
Addiction Treatment

Weed Withdrawal Symptoms

Marijuana is quickly becoming more popular as it becomes legal in most states for medical and recreational use. Like alcohol, many people think because it

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a woman with an avoidant personality disorder also struggles with a co occurring addiction
Addiction Therapy

Avoidant Personality Disorder

Avoidant personality disorder and substance abuse are common co-occurring disorders because many people prefer using drugs or alcohol to ease the symptoms of this mental

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