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Veterans Support Program in Massachusetts

Veterans Support Program in Massachusetts

Many veterans face unique challenges after serving. Swift River veterans addiction treatment program in Massachusetts offers the support our veterans need with customized care for each person. Our veterans addiction treatment center in Massachusetts provides a range of therapeutic approaches to help these heroes begin to heal from addiction or dual-diagnosis. Learn more about how our veterans addiction treatment program in Massachusetts helps these heroes by calling 888-451-5895 or completing our online contact form.

Veterans and Addiction

Veteran drug use is not uncommon. More than one in ten veterans in the United States are estimated to have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder at some point in their life. This rate is slightly higher than the general population. In particular, there is a need for alcohol use treatment for veterans as alcohol use disorders are the most common substance use disorder for military personnel. Fortunately, programming from substance use treatment centers for veterans and others struggling with addiction can help people overcome these disorders and potentially avoid other problems because of it.

Veteran substance use may partially be a result of the unique challenges this population often faces. The high prevalence of veterans with mental illness or mental health symptoms may lead to increased use of drugs or alcohol to “self-medicate.” While alcohol and other substance use may provide a temporary sense of relief from symptoms for some, they often exacerbate underlying mental health symptoms or trauma. Rehabs for veterans that also address these mental health concerns and treat the patient holistically can help these individuals find lasting recovery.

Our Veterans Substance Abuse Treatment in Massachusetts

What one person needs for a healthy transition is different than what works for someone else. Our addiction treatment for veterans in Massachusetts and veterans support program Massachusetts are designed to provide solutions for the struggles our veterans face every day, including:

All Swift River treatment programs utilize individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. We also employ various evidence-based modalities.

Substance Use Treatment Rehab Programs for Veterans at Swift River

At Swift River, we provide comfortable and compassionate outpatient and rehab programs for veterans with substance use disorders, including:

  • Individual therapy – Therapy is an essential part of treatment. Counseling can help veterans identify and cope with potential triggers as well as address the unique challenges they may face in sobriety.
  • Group therapy – Group therapy utilizes evidence-based treatment modalities by licensed therapists or certified counselors.
  • Family counseling – The family often has a central role in the treatment of any health issue, including substance use disorders. The purpose of family therapy or counseling is to include the family in the patient’s treatment process and to bring about productive change for all involved.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – An evidence-based and goal-oriented psychotherapy, this treatment aims to help people identify and change self-destructive thinking that may lead to maladaptive behavior such as substance use.

Begin Healing with Swift River’s Veterans Addiction Treatment Program in Massachusetts

Veterans have given everything to protect our county, and when they are no longer on active duty, these heroes deserve comprehensive and compassionate care for addiction. That’s why Swift River proudly provides substance use treatment programs for veterans in Massachusetts. Find out more about how our veterans addiction treatment program in Massachusetts provides a safe environment where veterans can begin to heal and build bonds with fellow veterans.

If you or someone you care about is a veteran in need of addiction treatment, reach out to Swift River Massachusetts today by calling 888-451-5895 or completing our online form.

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