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Veteran Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

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After Action

The 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed concerning statistics: 12% of veterans in the United States Armed Forces are struggling with a substance use disorder, nearly 20% are confronting mental health challenges, and 5.7% are battling both a substance use disorder and mental health issues. Our mission is to positively transform these figures and offer the support and resources needed for recovery and resilience.

At Your Six Recovery, we stand ready to support veterans in our program, ensuring they never have to face their struggles alone. The battles fought should not extend into silence and solitude. Why should veterans suffer quietly? We are here to offer a voice, a hand, and a community committed to their well-being and recovery.

Come Home

For spouses and family members, witnessing a veteran struggle with addiction can cast a shadow on their return, leaving one to wonder if the person who came back is truly the same one who left. A physical return doesn’t necessarily mean “coming home.” True healing and reintegration mean regaining health and readiness to face life’s challenges with resilience and strength.

At Your Six Recovery, we recognize that the battle doesn’t stop with the end of service. It’s about rekindling the spirit and vitality that existed before the trials of conflict. Our mission extends beyond aiding veterans in their recovery. It includes supporting you, the families, who long to see your loved ones thrive once again. Together, we work towards a future where every veteran returns home in every sense–restored, rejuvenated, and ready to step forward into a fulfilling life.

Mission Critical

In the military, service members learn to prioritize the mission over their own struggles, often suppressing personal hardships to uphold the strength of the whole unit. This ingrained mentality can make it particularly challenging for veterans to acknowledge and seek help for personal battles such as addiction. Transitioning from a culture of self-sacrifice to one that encourages personal vulnerability and healing requires a profound shift in perspective. Recognizing the need for support and admitting vulnerabilities are crucial steps on the path to recovery.

Our program is designed with an understanding of these unique challenges to offer a bridge, helping veterans navigate the journey from the disciplined structure of military life to engaging in the personal work needed for addiction recovery. It’s about creating an environment where the principles of camaraderie and trust are harnessed to foster individual healing and resilience, enabling veterans to reframe their experiences and reclaim control over their lives. Working on the strength of the individual within the group is mission critical at Your Six Recovery.

The phrase “got your six” is more than just mere words at Your Six Recovery–it’s the foundation of our commitment to veterans. Originating from a classic military term that means “I’ve got your back,” it perfectly encapsulates our mission to support and protect veterans as they navigate the challenges of recovery. 

Your Six Recovery is not just a program to us. It’s a promise to our veterans that they will never have to face their journey alone. It’s about creating an environment where the principles of camaraderie and trust are harnessed to foster individual healing and resilience, enabling veterans to reframe their experiences and reclaim control over their lives.

Our Veteran's Substance Abuse Treatment in Massachusetts

What one person needs for a healthy transition is different than what works for someone else. Our addiction treatment for veterans in Massachusetts and veterans support program Massachusetts are designed to provide solutions for the struggles our veterans face every day, including:

Substance Use Treatment Rehab Programs for Veterans at Swift River Addiction Campuses

At Swift River, we provide comfortable and compassionate outpatient and rehab programs for veterans with substance use disorders, including:

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Therapy is an essential part of treatment. Counseling can help veterans identify and cope with potential triggers as well as address the unique challenges they may face in sobriety.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy utilizes evidence-based treatment modalities by licensed therapists or certified counselors.

Family Counseling

Family Counseling

The family often has a central role in the treatment of any health issue, including substance use disorders. The purpose of family therapy or counseling is to include the family in the patient’s treatment process and to bring about productive change for all involved.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

An evidence-based and goal-oriented psychotherapy, this treatment aims to help people identify and change self-destructive thinking that may lead to maladaptive behavior such as substance use.

Begin Healing with the Swift River Veterans Addiction Treatment Program

Veterans have given everything to protect our county, and when they are no longer on active duty, these heroes deserve comprehensive and compassionate care for addiction. That’s why Swift River Recovery Center proudly provides substance use treatment programs for veterans in Massachusetts.

Find out more about how our veterans addiction treatment program in Massachusetts provides a safe environment where veterans can begin to heal and build bonds with fellow veterans. If you or someone you care about is a veteran in need of addiction treatment, reach out to Swift River today by calling 915-633-3881 or completing our online form.

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