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MAT Program

Overcoming addiction is a challenge that countless individuals face. It’s a journey that requires not just willpower but also a comprehensive support system. Swift River Addiction Campuses provides such support through our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program. This program helps manage cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and other aspects of substance dependency.

Our MAT Program in Massachusetts is grounded in the understanding that addiction is a complex but treatable disease. Substance use disorders (SUDs) affect both brain function and behavior. We combine medication with counseling, fostering recovery that addresses the whole person. Our aim is to guide each individual through the healing process, helping them on their path to a better life.

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment

At Swift River, we understand that addiction is a complex condition, and its treatment must be equally nuanced. Our medication-assisted treatment is designed to support the biological aspect of recovery. We use medications to help balance the brain, stop the high from drugs, and reduce the need to use them. By using FDA-approved medications, we help lessen the discomfort of detox.

Each patient’s treatment plan is as unique as their story. Our skilled team monitors each person carefully to ensure their medicine and therapy work best for them. We focus on both the addiction itself and the deeper reasons behind it, helping our clients build a strong foundation for a lasting recovery.

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is the first, critical step in the recovery journey. It’s a process that safely manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Under our medical team’s supervision, Swift River provides 24/7 support, ensuring that detox is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Detox can be an intense experience, with both physical and emotional challenges. Our medical team uses evidence-based protocols to help with withdrawal, make it less painful, and take care of any health issues. The aim is to stabilize the person for the next part of their treatment, which deals with the mental and emotional sides
of addiction.

The Pros and Cons of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment offers several benefits. The pros include reduced withdrawal symptoms, decreased cravings, and a lower chance of relapse. This support can help individuals concentrate on making the lifestyle changes they need to recover for good.

However, MAT can also present challenges. It requires strict adherence to medication protocols. It also doesn’t replace the need for comprehensive therapy. Critics argue that you could end up depending on the MAT drugs instead, but if you use them the right way, this risk is minimal.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Statistics

Data shows that MAT significantly improves the chance of successful recovery. It lowers the chances of dying from an overdose, cuts down on the spread of infectious diseases, and helps people stay in treatment longer.

The stats also show that people in MAT programs are more likely to get and keep jobs. For pregnant women who are dealing with drug problems, it can lead to safer pregnancies and healthier babies. All of this shows that MAT is most effective when combined with comprehensive therapy.

Defining MAT
for Drug Addiction

Medication-assisted treatment for drug addiction involves using FDA-approved medications to treat addiction. This method is especially effective for opioid addiction. MAT plays a crucial role in addressing the national opioid crisis.

In defining MAT, it’s important to recognize that medication is just one component. At Swift River, we also provide counseling and different kinds of therapy to get to the bottom of addiction and promote long-term recovery.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction

For people addicted to opioids, MAT includes medicines like buprenorphine, methadone, or naltrexone. These help balance brain chemicals, block the intense highs from opioids, and lessen the longing for them. This approach can really make a difference for those fighting opioid addiction.

Here at Swift River, our healthcare team makes sure everyone’s medication plan is right for them and works well with the other treatments they’re getting. This gives them the best chance for successful recovery.

Our MAT Drug Rehab Consists of the Following:

Lorazepam (Ativan) Treatment

Lorazepam, commonly known by the brand name Ativan, is often used in MAT to manage withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and help with anxiety. It belongs to the benzodiazepine family, medications that can calm the nervous system and provide relief during detox. At Swift River, the use of Ativan is carefully monitored through a tapering process to minimize dependency risks. This allows patients to safely and comfortably transition from dependency to recovery.

Ativan for Alcohol Withdrawal

Ativan is particularly effective in alleviating the symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal. These can range from mild anxiety and sleep disturbances to more severe cases that can include seizures. Administered under medical supervision, Ativan helps reduce these risks and supports a more stable detox process.
Suboxone is a cornerstone of our MAT program for opioid addiction. It contains two drugs, buprenorphine and naloxone, that help reduce withdrawal symptoms and the desire to use opioids. The use of Suboxone is carefully managed to prevent misuse. It is an integral part of the recovery process, allowing patients to concentrate on their therapy and learn how to handle their addiction.

Suboxone Strips

Suboxone strips, also known as Suboxone film, are a type of medication that dissolves under the tongue or in the cheek. These strips are a discreet and convenient option for treatment of opioid addiction.
Naltrexone is another medication used in MAT, particularly for opioid and alcohol addiction. It works differently than Suboxone or methadone by blocking the euphoric and sedative effects of opioids and alcohol. Naltrexone is available in a pill form or as a monthly injection (Vivitrol), which can be more convenient and ensure compliance with the treatment plan.

Vivitrol Shot for Alcohol

Vivitrol shots are utilized in MAT programs to help treat alcohol dependence. The shot works by making drinking less enjoyable, which can help people who have stopped drinking to stay away from alcohol. It is administered once a month, which is convenient for people who find it hard to remember to take pills every day. At Swift River, we give the Vivitrol shot as part of a bigger program that also helps with the mental parts of being addicted to alcohol.

Methadone is a medication that’s been used for decades to help people with addiction to opioids. It’s a long-acting opioid that works slowly to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, without the same “high”. Methadone has a great success rate and is a key part of many treatment programs for drug use.

Methadone treatment is typically more structured. The medicine is only administered at specialized clinics, and patients have to go there every day to take their dose. This helps stop the cycle of highs and lows that happens with drug use, giving a person a stable foundation to help them recover.

Alcohol Detox Medication

At Swift River, alcohol detox medication is part of an integrated detox program. Medication used in alcohol detox is designed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. These can range from mild anxiety to severe complications such as seizures or delirium tremens (DTs). The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient.

The Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines FDA-approved medications with therapy. This combined approach helps to treat the whole patient. MAT eases withdrawal symptoms, cuts down cravings, and supports lasting recovery by helping people stay involved 
in their treatment.

Studies have shown that MAT can lower the chance of overdose deaths and help people stay in treatment longer. It can even improve their chances of gaining and keeping employment. At Swift River, we’ve seen firsthand the transformative impact of MAT on our clients’ lives. We provide personalized treatment plans that greatly improve the chances 
of successful recovery.

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Right for Me?

In determining if MAT is a good choice for you, a detailed look at your medical past, how you use substances, and what you want to achieve in recovery is needed. MAT is often recommended for individuals with moderate to severe substance use disorders. It is particularly valuable to those who have not benefited from other treatment methods. It’s also helpful for those who need extra support to control their cravings and withdrawal.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Policies and Procedures

Swift River delivers the highest standard of care in our MAT program. Our policies and procedures ensure that each client receives treatment that’s backed by research, tailored to them, and safe. Everyone in the program has to regularly check in on their health, keep track of their medication use, and go to counseling. This helps create a safe and helpful place for everyone.

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Right for Me?

In determining if MAT is a good choice for you, a detailed look at your medical past, how you use substances, and what you want to achieve in recovery is needed. MAT is often recommended for individuals with moderate to severe substance use disorders. It is particularly valuable to those who have not benefited from other treatment methods. It’s also helpful for those who need extra support to control their cravings and withdrawal.

We welcome you to join us in the scenic beauty of Massachusetts, where our facilities offer a serene backdrop for the hard work of recovery. Let us be part of your transformation as you walk the road to lasting wellness.

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