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Drug and Alcohol Detox in Massachusetts

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Massachusetts

Seeking sobriety and obtaining a long-lasting recovery are multi-step processes. We’ve assembled the finest team of addiction professionals so that we can offer you, or your loved one, top-notch care. Our program has been created around one guiding force: providing you with the highest caliber of evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Massachusetts so that you can successfully obtain and maintain a drug-free life.

We recognize that recovery occurs on many levels. To fully emerge from the vicious cycle of addiction and be protected against relapse, a person must receive treatment that addresses their physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health needs.

Swift River offers a broad spectrum of treatment modalities and best practices that work in conjunction to give you holistic and individualized care. Call 888.451.5895 for more information about our drug detox program and addiction treatment programs in Massachusetts.

Why You Need Professional Drug Detox in Massachusetts

Due to misinformation and social stigma surrounding drug and alcohol addiction, many people believe it is simply a matter of willpower–a person should be able to just stop abusing drugs or alcohol. However, addiction is a disease and creates a vicious cycle of addiction that is difficult to escape.

As a person progresses from substance use to addiction, the toxic overload on their body increases, leading to more severe health problems and side effects. Any addiction, whether it be to drugs or alcohol, can be very dangerous or even fatal. We never recommend that you or your loved one quit “cold turkey,” as this can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Instead, we recommend a medically-supervised detox at a licensed detox facility. Detoxing without the supervision of a highly-trained addictions specialist is never a good idea. Let Swift River help you do this safely with the aid of our expert and caring staff. 

The Role of Medically-Supervised Detox in Massachusetts

Due to the strain that drugs or alcohol placed upon you, some of your body’s delicate systems are not processing correctly. Prolonged drug abuse alters your body’s physiology and neurochemistry. In the latter case, your brain’s very chemistry has changed. Certain neurotransmitters, important chemical messengers within your brain, have adapted to the influx of the drug within your system.

Suppose you suddenly cease using the addictive substance. In that case, your body and brain will react harshly, as they have become dependent on the drug in some capacity to function, resulting in what can, at times, be very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

To better manage these conditions, our specialists may, in some situations, determine that a person be better helped through this period by the aid of medication. We will skillfully and gradually taper you off of the addictive substance; that way, your body can acclimate and progress towards stability, preparing you for the next steps of treatment.

In addition to prescription medications to treat withdrawal and the accompanying agitation, anxiety, and depression that might be present during this time, we may use a variety of non-addictive medications to further help you find an equilibrium and address any other health and medical issues that may stem from your withdrawal.

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Addressing The Stigma Of Taking a Drug to Aid in Detox And Recovery

What is most unfortunate is that many people still adhere to the false and hazardous notion that using medication during treatment is wrong, weak, or dangerous. This all too frequent misconception can make detox more severe and intolerable and could result in someone relapsing as the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms drive them back to substance use.

Using medication to overcome an addiction does not make you weak. Instead, you are extremely strong as you face your addiction head-on and make the wisest and most responsible decision possible.

Appropriately used, under the guidance and expert direction of the trained professionals employed at Swift River, these medications may mean the difference between your success–or a continued life of drug use. 

After Detox, Let Swift River Assist with Rehab and Recovery

Detoxification from drugs is only the first step of rehab for building a solid recovery. During your time with us, we will also offer you an extensive array of therapies and modalities geared towards providing you with thorough, holistically-based treatment.

These include:

With over 250 acres of rolling countryside in the Berkshire Mountains, there is plenty to explore on the Swift River grounds. Doing so allows for the renewal of the human spirit through adventure. Some distinguishing features on our campus include high and low ropes challenge course, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing, as well as ATV/RZR vehicles to explore the area with counselors. 

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We know that becoming sober and working within your recovery isn’t always easy and can, at times, be very challenging. That’s why we employ evidence-based treatments and proven therapies to address a wide range of addictions.

At Swift River, our compassionate and expert staff is standing by to help you better understand the information regarding detoxification and treatment, so that you can begin making wise and positive decisions. Contact us today at 888.451.5895 to start your journey toward living well. 

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