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Can You Visit Someone In Rehab?

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Can you visit someone in rehab? Friends and family of people who are working on their recovery will want to visit and see how they are doing. While it can be very uplifting to have visitors, there are specific rules and restrictions about who can visit and what they can bring. When creating your visitor list, don’t include anyone that can trigger your symptoms or interfere with your recovery.

At Swift River, we understand how important it is to have visitors and will allow people to visit after you complete a detox or residential treatment program. During admissions, we will review your list of visitors, when they can visit, and what they can bring. Your visitation rights may be suspended if you or your friends break any of these rules. For more information about our addiction treatment center and our visitor policy, call 888.451.5895 or fill out our online form today, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Can You Visit Someone in Rehab?

Most rehab centers will have specific rules about when you can visit someone in rehab. Typically, visitors are not allowed during drug or alcohol detox and residential treatment programs. During these programs, patients focus 100% on their recovery, and any distraction can set their recovery back, no matter how well intended. Going through withdrawals is difficult and can be upsetting for children or loved ones to see.

Once patients graduate to an outpatient treatment program, they are allowed visitors during certain times of the day as long as it does not cause any setbacks. Outpatient treatment allows for the gradual transition from therapy and back to their home or sober living community.

Visits from friends and family can ease the transition back to the outside world and can give them some extra motivation to complete the program and return to their lives. Families will learn how they can support their return and create a supportive home environment.

What Are the Rules for Visiting Someone in Rehab?

In addition to when patients are allowed visitors, there will be some rules they will need to follow in order to be allowed in. Most treatment centers will have an approved visitors list and will typically only be close friends and family.

Here are some of the common rules about visiting someone in rehab:

  • Staff will review acceptable behavior while visiting and any activities or locations they can visit. If they violate any rules, they may be asked to leave or have visiting rights taken away.
  • Visitors’ belongings may be searched for any prohibited items.
  • Family members may be required to attend therapy before seeing their loved ones.
  • Healthy and supportive gifts, care packages, and letters are encouraged.
  • Other items that can benefit their stay and are OK to bring are clothing, a favorite blanket, photos, and other memorabilia that won’t trigger their symptoms.
  • Do not bring cell phones, weapons, lighters, alcohol, or other prescription or illicit drugs.

Can you visit someone in rehab? Each treatment center will have its own set of rules and guidelines for visitors. Visiting is encouraged when patients are ready to see their friends and family and transition back into their lives.

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  • Motivational interviewing
  • Creative writing
  • Family therapy

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