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Can Someone Find Out If You’re in Rehab?

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Can someone find out if you’re in rehab? If you voluntarily enroll in a rehab facility, there are laws that will protect your identity. Treatment centers understand how important privacy is to patients and do not willfully give out patient information unless under court order. If you are wondering can someone find out about rehab, you can relax knowing your treatment experience is between you and your treatment center.

Swift River offers men and women from all walks of life a comprehensive treatment program for treating addiction to alcohol, meth, or other harmful substances. Your privacy is one of our primary concerns. We will not give out any information to anyone who is not a family member and is already aware of your addiction. For more information about enrolling in our addiction rehab center, call 888.451.5895 today to discover all of the benefits of our addiction treatment program.

Can Someone Find Out if You’re in Rehab?

Many people will avoid enrolling in a treatment center for fear of people finding out about their addiction. They worry that employers may fire them, landlords or parents may kick them out, or their peers will judge them. Addiction can cause paranoia and lead to assumptions about exposing their illness, preventing them from seeking help.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 123, section 35 states that courts can involuntarily commit someone to rehab if there is a serious risk of harming themselves or others. If you are enrolled in a treatment center because of this law, the treatment center will still keep your information private. Also, the Americans with Disabilities Act states that employers cannot fire you based on enrolling in a rehab center, and landlords cannot terminate your lease.

At Swift River, we believe your treatment experience is a private matter and never give out any information about our patients. During admissions, you can give us a list of friends or family that are aware of your addiction and can speak on your behalf.

What Are the Benefits of Enrolling in A Rehab Center?

Addiction is a devastating mental health disorder that is treatable through a combination of behavioral therapy and medical support. You will gain a better understanding of how addiction affects you and develop healthy coping skills for managing your symptoms.

Other benefits of enrolling in a rehab center include:

  • Your information is kept private and will not be given to anyone except insurance companies, family members, and close friends supporting you.
  • Therapists will sit down with you in private and discuss the reasons behind your addiction and help you process the feelings or traumatic incident that is behind it.
  • In group therapy, you will practice coping skills and listen to different perspectives about dealing with addiction and what coping techniques work best for them.
  • If your symptoms are severe, medication is available to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings so you can focus 100% on your recovery.

If you are wondering how to find someone in rehab, talk with their parents or loved ones if you are concerned about their welfare. A treatment center will never give out personal information about patients.

Swift River – Massachusetts: An Addiction Treatment Experience That Values Your Privacy

Can someone find out if you’re in rehab? At Swift River, we protect our patient’s privacy as they work on making healthy changes in their lives. Our facility offers discreet and comfortable rooms and common areas where you can focus on your recovery without worrying about people finding out you are in rehab.

We have a full range of treatment programs to treat all types of addiction, including:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Residential treatment program
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Co-occurring disorders treatment
  • Alumni program

Today is the perfect time for an exciting change in your life. Call 888.451.5895 or fill out our online form today to discover all of the benefits of enrolling in our private addiction treatment facility.

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