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What Is an Addictive Personality Disorder?

a woman has her addiction further impacted by her co occurring addictive personality disorder

Having an addictive personality does not mean you have a winning personality and people are attracted to you. It describes a person who, despite their best efforts to stay sober, is more likely to form an addiction much faster than someone else. In some cases, all it takes is one drink or pill to cause a serious problem. For those who struggle with addiction, there are several addiction therapy programs available that can ease their struggles and help them reach their sober goals.

At Swift River, we support men and women with an addiction to alcohol, cocaine, or other dangerous substances through our accredited treatment facility between Pittsfield and Northhampton. We offer a full range of treatment programs that combine behavioral therapy with medical support for a well-rounded treatment experience. To learn more about our addiction therapy programs, reach out to our friendly staff today by calling 888.451.5895 or filling out our online form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What Does It Mean to Have an Addictive Personality?

Those with an addictive personality will have a harder time abstaining from drugs or alcohol due to a subconscious or genetic disposition to addiction. The changes that happen in your body because of the abuse can be passed down to your children. They have more cell receptors that respond to drugs and alcohol than others and can experience greater highs and stronger cravings just after one dose.

Children whose parents drink or use drugs will form a subconscious desire for drugs and alcohol without even knowing what it is. All they see is the fun their parents are having and want to imitate it. Other common reasons a person has an addictive personality include:

  • Struggles with depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders
  • Has trouble regulating or understanding their emotions
  • Participates in adventurous or risky behavior
  • Feels disconnected from others or reality
  • Experiences childhood or reoccurring trauma at the hands of a parent, teacher, or trusted friend

At Swift River, we take the time to get to know each patient and create a tailored treatment program based on their unique symptoms. They learn valuable coping and communication skills and learn how to express themselves in an appropriate manner.

Treating Addictive Personality Disorder

One of the best ways to abstain from drugs and alcohol for people with an addictive personality is to talk about it with a trusted friend or trained professional. Hiding your feelings from others will only lead to feelings of isolation, depression, and/or anxiety and increase the risk of abusing drugs or alcohol.

Here are some of the best ways to treat addictive personality disorders:

  1. Talk therapy – Behavioral therapy is one of the best methods for treating addiction and helping individuals with an addictive personality disorder. Patients will talk with a trained therapist and develop healthy coping skills for managing their cravings and triggers.
  2. Medical support – For those who enroll in therapy to stop their abuse, medication can minimize withdrawals and cravings that are common with drug and alcohol abuse. Medical staff will administer medication and adjust the dosage for maximum benefits with minimal side effects. As your symptoms subside, they will decrease the dosage until the medication is no longer necessary.
  3. Holistic therapy – Meditation, nature walks, and creative writing are helpful tools for treating addiction. It focuses on the body’s natural healing capacity and promotes a healthy lifestyle
  4. Family support – Including your family in addiction recovery is an integral part of the recovery journey. Parents and spouses will learn about the dangers of addiction and how to create a supportive home environment.

An addictive personality does not mean you can’t enjoy an occasional drink with friends. If you are aware of the increased risk and talk with a therapist on a regular basis, you are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and form a serious addiction.

Choose Swift River – Massachusetts for Our Accredited Addiction Therapy Programs

At Swift River, our therapy programs are very effective in treating addiction, no matter how severe the symptoms are. You will meet one-on-one with a therapist who will build your confidence in staying sober long after completing the treatment program. Even if your symptoms are mild, enrolling in a treatment program today can prevent the addiction from getting worse and causing permanent damage or death.

Please pick up the phone and call 888.451.5895 today to discover all of the benefits of our addiction treatment programs. You can also fill out our online contact form and let us get back to you.

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