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How to Have a Sober New Year’s Eve

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The holidays are a time for family and celebrations with lots of cheer and good tidings. For men and women who struggle with addiction or are newly sober, having a sober New Year’s Eve can show them how they can still have a good time without drugs and alcohol. It is possible to get through the holidays without relapsing or feeling tempted by cravings for more drugs or alcohol. Enrolling in addiction treatment programs can give you the courage to stay sober during the holiday season.

At Swift River, we support men and women who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, cocaine, meth, or other harmful substances. We take the time to build trust and open communication with each patient, so they feel comfortable talking about what led to the addiction. For severe addiction cases, we provide medication to minimize withdrawals and cravings. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs and how to survive the holidays sober, send us a message online or call 888.451.5895 today to speak with one of our caring team members.

Getting Through the Holidays Sober

The holidays can be a stressful time for some people and can lead to worsening substance abuse or relapse if they are not careful. Alcohol use is synonymous with the holidays, and it can be difficult to avoid being around it during this time of year. If you are newly sober, avoiding holiday parties may seem like the best way to avoid temptations, but be careful that lack of any holiday activities does not lead to relapse. Boredom is one of the leading causes of relapse for those who have just completed an addiction treatment program.

Staying sober is a lifetime commitment and will cause significant changes in your life. One of the things they teach you about in recovery is living a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating nutritious meals, getting regular exercise, and picking up new hobbies and interests to occupy your time. It also teaches you how to be around alcohol or recreational drugs without feeling any need to abuse them. If this is your first holiday season being sober, there are several tips for maintaining your sobriety while spending time with friends and family.

At Swift River, we understand how difficult the holidays can be for newly sober individuals. We offer a solid alumni network and outpatient therapy to support your recovery journey whenever old temptations and cravings begin to reappear.

Tips for Having a Sober New Year’s Eve

Enjoying the holidays sober is easy to do when you plan ahead and talk with a sober friend, sponsor, or therapist before attending a holiday party. One important tip to remember is to relax, have fun, and have a plan to leave if your temptations become too much.

Here are some tips for having a sober New Year’s:

  1. Plan ahead – One vital step to take to survive the holidays sober is to plan ahead. If you know you will be at a party with a lot of alcohol and temptations, bring a sober friend to hang out with, always have a glass of water or soda with you, and have an escape plan if things become too intense.
  2. Practice self-care – Many mindfulness techniques can help you mentally prepare for a holiday party. Meditation is an excellent way to center yourself and reflect upon your reasons for staying sober. Self-care and prioritizing your mental health is the best way to keep your temptations at bay.
  3. Attend therapy – Talk with a therapist to remind yourself of the reasons you are sober and to practice and fine-tune coping skills. Talking with your peers about wanting to stay sober is also essential. Good friends will support your healthy life choices and do what they can to support your decisions.
  4. Having a sober New Year’s is easy when you plan ahead and continue talking with a certified therapist regularly. Addiction is a lifelong illness and may require ongoing therapy to maintain sobriety successfully.

Choose Swift River – Massachusetts for Our Addiction Treatment Programs

At Swift River, having a sober New Year’s Eve is possible when you prepare yourself for any potential triggering situations. The skills our patients learn during therapy give them the confidence to maintain sobriety. We offer a full range of treatment programs and services to support a sober lifestyle, including:

If you are concerned that you may relapse during a holiday party, call 888.451.5895 today or contact us online for more helpful tips on enjoying a sober holiday season.

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