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Brownout Drunk

brownout drunk

Being brownout drunk means you will experience partial or full memory lapse while intoxicated. This is because part of your brain has stopped working, and you are no longer able to form long-term memories. Heavy drinking takes a significant toll on the physical and mental health of everyone. No one is immune from addiction. When men and women are ready to stop drinking, it will require an alcohol addiction treatment program to safely detox from alcohol and learn how to live a healthy and happy life without alcohol.

At Swift River, we help men and women who are struggling with addiction to alcohol, cocaine, or other harmful substances. We employ behavioral therapists who have experience treating addiction and the underlying causes behind it. Patients will participate in group and private therapy, where they will develop healthy coping skills for managing their symptoms and learn that it is OK to talk about their feelings. For more information about our alcohol addiction treatment in Massachusetts, call 888.451.5895 today to speak with our compassionate team.

What Is Brownout Drunk?

Alcohol is a harmful, legal substance that can cause serious physical and mental harm when taken in large quantities. Heavy drinking can cause the hippocampus, the part of your brain responsible for memory retention and spatial awareness, to stop working due to the high alcohol content in your blood. This can cause short-term amnesia, where you will be unable to recall some or all of your activities while you are brownout drunk.

Brownout drinking usually occurs after consuming four alcoholic drinks for women or five alcoholic drinks for men within two hours. There is so much alcohol in your system that it cannot function properly and begins to shut down. With continued heavy abuse, men and women can experience a number of serious conditions, including:

  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Ulcers
  • Certain cancers
  • Permanent neurological damage

At Swift River, we understand the dangers of being brownout drunk and offer effective treatment to men and women ready for a healthy change. Our treatment programs are tailored around each patient’s individual needs and can safely see them through detoxing and their recovery journey.

Why You Should Avoid Brownout Drinking

Binge drinking and other drinking games are popular with teens and young adults. In many cases, men and women will intentionally drink as much as they can within a short period of time. If this type of drinking continues, it can cause serious problems that will require lifelong addiction therapy and medication to deal with the permanent damage caused by the abuse.

Just some of the dangers of brownout drinking include:

  • Participating in dangerous and risky behavior, such as drunk driving, having unprotected sex with strangers, vandalism, or other activities.
  • Patients can expect behavioral changes. The more they drink, the more they risk cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, and other neurological diseases. This can impact their school or work performances, cause trouble maintaining relationships, and can lead to financial hardships.
  • Malnourishment is a common side effect of heavy drinking. It can lead to increased health problems and the potential to develop Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, which can cause paralysis of the eye muscle, confusion, and a lack of motor control.
  • Men and women who are brownout drunk are at risk of falling and causing broken bones, head injuries, or death.

Getting brownout drunk should never be a goal when drinking at a party. If you find that you cannot stop yourself from getting brownout drunk, it is time to enroll in an addiction treatment program before it is too late.

Begin Your Alcohol Addiction Treatment Today at Swift River – Massachusetts

At Swift River, our team is here to aid you or a loved one who is struggling with addiction and experiencing frequent brownouts. We work privately with each patient to build trust and rapport to create an atmosphere of open communication and healing. In cases of severe withdrawals and cravings, we offer medication-assisted treatment to minimize the symptoms that are interfering with their recovery.

Reach out to our friendly team today by calling 888.451.5895 to discover the benefits of enrolling in our addiction treatment facility. Or, fill out our online form and let us get back to you.

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