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Myths About Rehab

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There are many myths about rehab that can keep people from receiving the help they need to recover from addiction safely. Each year, over 40 million men and women struggle with addiction to alcohol, meth, or other harmful substances. It can cause permanent brain damage and significantly decrease your quality of life and longevity. An addiction treatment program can dispel any misconceptions about rehab and show patients the truth about addiction and the recovery process.

At Swift River, our treatment programs are designed to help patients through the recovery process and eliminate any myths about rehab. Patients learn about the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction and the differences between dependence and addiction. They participate in group and private therapy to develop skills and confidence to maintain their sobriety no matter their situation. Reach out to our knowledgeable team today by calling 888.451.5895 to discover all of the benefits of our addiction treatment facility.

Common Myths About Rehab

The decision to enroll in a rehab program is a difficult decision to make for many people. They worry about the cost, taking time off from work, and what will happen if they complete rehab and relapse. Some worry that if they tell their boss that they need time off for rehab, they will not have a job when they graduate from the program. These and other myths can make people think twice about rehab and try to quit alone.

In cases of long-term addiction, withdrawal symptoms can be very painful and dangerous. Without medical support, patients will have little relief from their withdrawals and cravings and are more likely to relapse and potentially overdose.

Some of the common myths about rehab include:

  • Companies will not give you the time off for rehab—No company can legally fire you for needing to take time off for medical conditions, including treating addiction and other mental health disorders.
  • Rehab can cure addiction—Addiction is a mental health disorder with no cure. There are several evidence-backed treatment programs that can teach patients how to manage their triggers and craving to avoid taking more drugs or alcohol.
  • Rehab is too expensive—Most insurance companies now offer full or partial coverage for accredited addiction treatment programs. There are also state and federal funding options to cover any additional expenses.
  • Rehab is for those who hit rock bottom—Rehab is for everyone, no matter how severe the addiction is.
  • Rehab means quitting cold turkey— Quitting drugs or alcohol suddenly can be very dangerous. Long-term addiction can cause serious medical conditions that can cause death if not properly treated with medication.

At Swift River, we work hard to break the misconceptions about rehab and stay by our patient’s side throughout their recovery journey. We provide residential and outpatient rehab programs along with medication-assisted treatment to minimize withdrawals and cravings.

The Benefits of Enrolling in an Addiction Treatment Program

There are many benefits of enrolling in a rehab program for addiction. Treatment centers provide a comfortable and discreet environment where patients can focus on their recovery, free from distractions and stresses from their everyday lives. Just some of the benefits of enrolling in a rehab program include:

  • Patients will work with a certified behavioral therapist who will help them uncover the root cause of the addiction and develop healthy coping skills for managing their symptoms and cravings.
  • Patients learn they are not alone in their struggles and how their peers are coping with addiction. Group therapy allows patients to practice coping and communication skills and form healthy relationships with their peers.
  • Family therapy is an essential part of any addiction treatment program. It gives parents and spouses a chance to talk about their frustrations or negative feelings. They also learn about the dangers of addiction and how to create a supportive home environment.

Dispelling myths about rehab is essential to break the stigma of enrolling in a rehab program and addiction.

Swift River – Massachusetts: We Dispell Misconceptions About Rehab and Help Patients Reach Their Recovery Goals

At Swift River, we provide compassionate support for men and women struggling with addiction to meth, opioid pain medication, or other substances. We work one-on-one with each patient to discuss their treatment programs and dispel any myths about rehab they may have.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call 888.451.5895 or send us a message online today, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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