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How to Prepare for Rehab

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Men and women who struggle with addiction will wonder how to prepare for rehab. Some treatment programs can last from 30-90 days, and during that time, bills have to be paid, children need to be cared for, and work responsibilities need to be reassigned. Fortunately, most drug addiction treatment programs give patients time to prepare for their recovery journey and offer tips on how to prepare for drug rehab.

At Swift River, we help men and women struggling with addiction to alcohol, cocaine, or other harmful substances. During the admissions process, we will review what you need to do to prepare for your treatment program and what to expect during the recovery process. For more information about preparing for rehab at our drug addiction treatment center, call 888.451.5895 or fill out our online form today, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Why Should You Enroll in Drug Rehab?

Entering a rehab program to treat drug and alcohol addiction is a crucial step to take for men and women who struggle with addiction. Physical withdrawal symptoms and powerful cravings peak around 48-72 hours, and that is when most people relapse and risk overdosing.

Relapses are dangerous because of the cravings they create. The more you abstain from drugs or alcohol, the stronger your cravings will become. If you don’t take into account your lowered tolerance and take your usual amount, it can cause an overdose that can lead to coma or death.

A drug addiction treatment program provides patients with:

  • A safe way to get through withdrawals and minimize the risk of relapsing
  • A better understanding of addiction and how it affects you physically and mentally
  • Medication management to minimize withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • A safe and private facility where you can focus 100% on your recovery

At Swift River, we work with men and women from all walks of life who are ready to accept help with their addiction recovery. We will answer all of your questions about the rehab experience and give you tips on how to prepare for drug rehab.

How to Prepare for Rehab

Preparing for rehab does not have to be a complicated process. Your loved ones will be more than eager to help if it means seeing you get healthy and sober. As you prepare for this next stage in your life, here are some tips on how to prepare for drug rehab:

  • Work obligations—Talk with your employer about the time off you need for recovery. You do not have to disclose the reason for the time off, but it does help to be upfront with your boss. They may offer recovery benefits you were unaware of.
  • Appoint a power of attorney—This person can take care of all financial and legal matters and be the point of contact while you are in recovery.
  • Bring comforts from home—You will want to have some of the comforts of home with you to help in the recovery process. Pack a favorite blanket, comfy clothes, pillows, and any bathroom and grooming essentials, family photos, or other items of personal value. Treatment centers will have a list of approved items that you can bring.
  • Keep a daily journal—Writing is very therapeutic for addiction recovery and general well-being. You can write about your successes and struggles, experiences during group and private therapy, and how they make you feel.

These tips on preparing for rehab can help make the transition into rehab much simpler and stress-free. Many treatment centers will help you prepare and give you a list of items you can bring from home.

Find More Tips to Prepare for Rehab at Swift River – Massachusetts

At Swift River, we work with Massachusetts residents who are ready to enter rehab to treat their addiction to drugs or alcohol. We discuss how to prepare for rehab, what you can expect from the treatment experience, and answer all of your questions about your recovery program.

If you’ve made the difficult choice to enroll in a drug rehab program, call 888.451.5895 to schedule an appointment to begin your recovery journey with Swift River. You may also fill out our online form and allow us to get back to you.

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